S meaning of alani in yoruba

meaning of alani in yoruba

Akangbe – It means one consciously or deliberately carried. Posted by on 9/12/2008 8:20:25 AM | Comment. Alaina. The name usually carries a praise poetry with it which is used to inspire the bearer of the name. Ajadi - Yoruba Oriki name meaning the end of a conflict. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Alajos. Alabi – It means one born to the white cloth (of Ọbàtálá). Amoke – It means one known in order to care for. You should pay for my creativity but…don’t worry…I gat you. Babynames. I’m an extreme extrovert and a die-hard people person. It is a popular thing mostly among the people of the Yoruba descents. Bukolami (Add to my wealth) Oluw What are the release dates for The Wonder Pets - 2006 Save the Ladybug? Harith Alani has written: 'Spatial and thematic ontology in cultural heritage information systems' How do you say I like Yoruba in Yoruba language? The meaning of Ajani has more than one different etymologies. The Yoruba numbered more than 20 million at the turn of the 21st century. Akanmu - Yoruba Oriki name meaning personally chosen. Male Yoruba Baby Names Beginning With B » Male Yoruba Baby Names Beginning With A Categories: Male Yoruba Baby Names. Usually, given to a baby born via breech birth. a child that was begged for to have or born (from God or, more often traditionally, the gods). Àbèbí – This Oriki name is given to someone that was given birth to after a lot of persuasions (probably a difficult birth). We have a Chrome Extension and an Android App Alade – It means one who survives to arrive. Akande – It means one who purposefully came. L Letter L Meaning Of Alubarika Individuals who have the L in their name, never settle for simply hearing and believing. Also, you will find some interesting Yoruba Oriki names and meanings of these names that we have listed below. The Eyo masquerade essentially admits tall people, which is why it is described as Agogoro Eyo (literally meaning the tall Eyo masquerade). Akanni – It means one that is special to have. A Yoruba name is a name that is part of a naming tradition that is primarily used by the Yoruba people and Yoruba language-speaking individuals in Benin, Togo, and Nigeria. Dieu suprême et dieu créateur, Olorun est le propriétaire du Ciel dans la mythologie Yoruba; il est aussi connu comme Olodumare (Propriétaire de l’espace sans fin). Instead they actually look for evidence that proves what was said. How old was queen elizabeth 2 when she became queen? Why are the words 'to justice' enclosed in quotation marks in the story creole democracy? Akanni – It means one that is special to have. Olorun est connu comme le propriétaire de tout et la plus haute autorité dans tous les domaines. User Submitted Meanings. What does the name Alanis mean? Pick up books and, better still, go tech as Fola suggests. Aremu - It means the one needing to be consoled before being picked up. (The same way Iyasere became Iyasele in Esan is probably how Enahoro became Enaholo for some Esan.) « Female Yoruba Baby Names Beginning With Y. Our extensive collection of Yoruba girl names with meanings from A-Z is interesting and unique. by Jeanne Egbosiuba. He said it actually should be mine instead. Ayinde – Meaning one who arrives when praised. Rhoda Alani was born in 1964. Who is famous in Tonga? These baby name lists are organised alphabetically. Name meaning of Alanis. This testifies to the belief in reincarnation. You might want to check and pick one for your girl. Alani – It means one we survived to have. There is no way you can make money through human rituals sacrifices, you have been deceived out of your ignorant. What factors determine the use of scoring rubrics over other authentic assessment procedures? Ayinde – Meaning one who arrives when praised. Adisa – The literal meaning of this Oriki is one bundled up and spread to dry. Alaia. Alade – It means one who survives to arrive. Incorporated in 2008, Ayani is an international development consulting firm specializing in inclusive finance. Àkànde Àgàn – Yoruba Oriki name meaning favourite of the prince. Oluwadolabomi (God showers me with wealth) Required fields are marked *. Alana. Means "second child after twins" in Yoruba. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Yoruba Oriki names are names Yoruba people give to their children for symbolic reasons. Variant of of Alana, probably influenced by Elaine. Alani – It means one we survived to have. Àkànjí - Akanji means the one whose touch gives life. Anglicized form of Ala Al-Din. Ajadi – Yoruba Oriki name meaning the end of a conflict. True meaning of name Alanis free. It is common with the yoruba tribe in Nigeria and primarily used by Males . Some other Yoruba male Oriki names that we could not find their meanings: Akanda, Ajasa, Asamu, Ajabi, Adio, Aweda, Akano, Amoo, Ajao, Alao. The name is also given to praise a child for the pride they bring to the family or to describe and summon particular character traits that they believe a child was born with. All Rights Reserved. What is 33 over 1/3% as a fraction in lowest terms? Atanda – This name one created to shine brightness. Aduni – It could mean a joy to have or one we struggled to have. Much smaller, scattered groups live in Benin and northern Togo. Choosing a Baby Name; Baby Name Meanings; Name Origins – Aboriginal; African; African-American; American; Anglo-Saxon; Arabic; Aramaic; Armenian The name Alani is an Irish baby name. Yoruba, one of the three largest ethnic groups of Nigeria, concentrated in the southwestern part of that country. Agbeke – It means one carried in order to pet. Origin of Alani. What does the word Alanis mean: Alanis best name meanings: Volatile, Temperamental, Lucky, Mindful, Generous. Is Jeannie Morris still married to Johnny Morris Chicago Football player? Find the meaning and origin of the name Alani at Bounty.com Continue reading to find out more about Oriki. English to Yoruba Dictionary (Free). 3 0 obj stream If yes, see the most used Yoruba female names here. Read Nigerian Names Submit Nigerian Names Previous Next Meaning: Alani translates to "" in English. Hungarian form of Aloysius. Learn english to yoruba words and their meaning. Abegbe – It could mean a child that we begged to carry. Awero – It means one that is bathed and covered in wrappers. Ayoka – Yoruba Oriki name meaning one who causes joy. Akanbi - It means one that is consciously or deliberately born. Some other common Yoruba female Oriki names that we could not find their meanings: Adugbe, Aponke, Abeje, Amosa, Abepe, Akanpe, Awebi, Adiya, Asape, Asani. French Names; Surnames; How to Pronounce Alain. The meaning is given in that post. You can get meaning of any English word very easily. Àríké - Yoruba Oriki name meaning someone that is meant to be pampered or care for on sight. Àdùké – It means a child that people will fight over the privilege to care for her and pamper her. Back To Jokes | Popular Jokes | Read Reviews | Submit a Joke. Ajala – It means the one who has fought and survived. Boluwatife (As God wants) Lol. Adubi – It means one we struggled to birth. How do the various staffers and agencies enable lawmakers to carry out their duties? Akilisi Pohiva&Alani Taione., ,Alani … Each household within a tribe or settlement has it own Oriki. Ajoke – Ajoke means jointly cherished or jointly beloved or meaning meant to be taken care of by all. Search for more names by meaning . Means "joyful, happy" in Basque. Àkànní - Yoruba Oriki name meaning “met only once to have this child.” It is also a Yoruba Oriki given to a first male child. How do you define surface self weight in staad pro? Aladdin. Nigerian Names | Male | Female | Unisex | Igbo | Hausa | Yoruba | Edo | Efik. (meaning father has come back) is the son born to a family where a father has recently passed away. According to a user from United States, the name Alanni means "Beautiful flower". 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