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fallout: new vegas ulysses dialogue

I'm not planning to go into the Divide after you. {NCR Opening}There's your signal... faint, but there. {Disdain}You're good at that, talent for it. The origins of the machine is... of no importance. You mean the Republic troops who were here? You... maybe blinded by Vegas's light, or the promise of that Chip. Now, it would decide depending on your quest path (above) firstly, then depending on your reputation points with that specific faction, will see if you are successful or not. Let's settle things here. [SUCCEEDED] {Thinking}The why of it... you taught me the why of it. < Placeholder Node: Ulysses talking about the Divide history. Your actions have shown nothing. {Narration}Hopeville burned lightless in the night, invisible fires of radiation scorching it from within and without. Where can I find you? Ulysses is one of the best characters in New Vegas, his backstory and motivations are on point; but beating him can be another challenge all together. This is revenge for nearly killing you, then. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic097. Convince him the Bear will not be the twentieth tribe beneath his heel, it will make him pause like nothing on earth. {Narration}Interpretation is something best left to history, and only the surviving Courier would ever know for certain. The why of it? NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic083. {Beat}Tunneler bite can be just as bad. Other Marked Men had NCR gear - and they weren't carrying masks or blades. I cannot go back. {Reflective}Maybe why you found each other, little piece of the Old World, speaking to you, waiting for you to wake something else up with it. This is especially true for failed skill checks (most of all, the intelligence checks). Lonesome Road reveals that the Courier did make deliveries mostly in the NCR, as Ulysses mentions Vault City, New Reno and Circle Junction. All right. >, Heard tales of you walking the Mojave. His footsteps trailing fire, walking from one hell - maybe to another. Irony's sharp. {Prove it}Even if you speak for Vegas and its ghosts, nothing you can do can prevent the missile's launch. [NCR] The dead? Now... the Divide belongs to history. Cut off your retreat, {emph}your supply line. {Slow, cold}I'm a courier. What's {emph}inside that machine - that's all that mattered. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic111. Then you destroyed it. {Slow}I don't blame you for the Divide. {Angry}What do you seek to gain by telling me this. Like you - and {emph}not like you, in all the ways that matter. All rights reserved. The Bear is a thing of the people that gather to it, as are all symbols. I'm not one for it, either. {Beat, final, somber}Two Couriers, together, at the Divide. Your road, to and from the Divide, what that meant for the Legion. I can call your machine to me. The Legion doesn't abide traitors. You? {Narration}{Male - correcting the previous statement}Men do, through the roads they walk. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic116. Found them, heard them after I cast them aside - maybe there was purpose in that. Seeing it... changed me, just as seeing Hoover Dam changed Caesar and the NCR. "My name is..."}Not my given name, close enough. You'll need to find your own path. If so, they'll grow, in time, no matter how much you back House. Part of your message, whether you meant it or not. {Warning}When you drink it, down it all in one shot, or your stomach's not going to want to keep going after the second drink. Ulysses was once a member of the Twisted Hairs, a powerful tribe in Arizona that forged an alliance with the fledgling Caesar's Legion in 2247, becoming its scouts during the conquest of Arizona. Whether Caesar stands or not, Lanius will come. The one in that package, whether you knew it or not. The rest will share their fate. {Slow, accusing}You gave life to this place. Those wounds - they couldn't live otherwise. {Slight disdain}And you think that you have this strength? Still, the choice is yours... what I offer, it's the last I offer you. {Beat}Took a chance coming here - same as I did. The damage here looks like it was caused by underground detonations - on a scale I've never seen. Where another history was put to the blade, lesson taught. Companion? NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic060. {Dismissive}Power isn't strength. And I would never have discovered the Divide without you. I believe the missiles can't be stopped. You believe. {DUPE}If you heard them... they're of no consequence. This road leads nowhere. {Dismissive}But yes... last I heard, you needed a weapon between your legs to carry one for Caesar. The tribes - families. Kill no Courier, Caesar's words. {Testing, slow in the middle}Convincing me - changes nothing. Cures a wound, leaves the bitterness that caused it. {Acknowledging player's strength, but...}You believe. {Beat, trying to draw player out here}Maybe seeing those markings on it reminded you of home... made you carry it. {DUPE}{More to himself}As for anger... it is what I carry for the dead, and all that come here. And you'll die with that question on your lips. Both the weapon to kill a nation, and the strength to do it. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic105. [Legion] The dead? Either way, the Divide giants are awakening. One I'd never seen before - {little quieter, to himself}or heard before. Like us... and it shares our history. [FAILED] They're more beasts than men now. It'll bleed more before the sun sets on the Mojave. {Weighing the player's words}There is truth in that. A longer history than what happened here. {Beat, contempt}And what do {emph}my words teach you. {Beat, rallying}But it is their philosophy that was flawed - their weapons, used with new perspective... Those weapons can be used to kill a symbol that has already proven itself wrong. {Anger, "Justice"}Just? Had tech from the Big Empty, recorder a woman gave me... didn't survive the road, on its last legs. [Vegas] You might not believe in nations. To the Divide, they return. NVDLC04Dia_NVDLC04Dialogue_0000E12C_1—NVDLC04Dia_NVDLC04Dialogue_0000D447_1, NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic054. {Thinking to himself}No way to cleanse the radiation - makes them hard to kill there, have to draw them out. {No sound file}. Everything you hate about me, you've become. If you have a better one, you grant it - my choice in names won't carry past you and I. [NCR] Those soldiers in Hopeville... were once NCR, I'm sure of it. As they were talking... kept seeing the Courier's shadow behind them, giving each their words weight. Made it this far... not much farther to go. Nearly killed me, flesh and spirit. I will start with their camp at Dry Wells... once my homeland. The logs of what's left of "America.". If you can't kill the Bear in one stroke, bleed it, starve it. They... had taken my braids, the way of the Twisted Hairs, as if it showed they were {emph}like me, {emph}of me... ...while every knot in their braids spoke of raping, violence - and ignorance of what the knots {emph}meant. Could've, no good would have come of it. Why were they with the Legion? I found more recordings from you on the road. There is nothing more to be said between us. {Quiet, downnote}If they matter... if history matters... we'll see at the end of the road. Maybe not now - in time. There's a lesson here, in the Divide. {To himself}Probably more, lying from here to the Divide. {Beat, back to player}And they can be places you breathe life into. I'll start with the West. Not your birthplace maybe, but home. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic035. {No sound file}. You can go home again, Courier. If war doesn't change, men must change, and so must their symbols. Not revenge... just the way of things when you {emph}own them. In case... you best me. {Beat, to himself}Not sure how much farther you have in you. {Nostalgia increases}It had the name "the Divide," too. Heal their wounds - not the scars. With that Chip weighing you down... a burden, lets death move a little faster without me pulling the trigger. Vegas is Old World, filled with Old World ghosts. These new inhabitants... not natives... most of them. {DUPE}[SUCCEEDED] America sleeps in the Divide - giants, beneath the earth. {DUPE}[FAILED] {Dismissive}Words lost to history. {Ulysses Healing Eyebots have been turned against him, slight anger}Machines might keep you alive, but they won't save you. [Legion] Are you angry that this explosion undermined the Legion's plans? At the end of Lonesome Road, you have two options in dealing with Ulysses: 1. And as I watched, studied the people. Anyone who believes they can make it return and everything will be as it was... ...it is a dangerous belief. This message, and all that lies with it - it is for you, Courier. {No sound file}. The Long 15 to Primm... that wasn't the only road you ever walked. Word of you at Fort Aradesh... Fort Abandon. There was only one message in the machine, only one message in the package you brought. Giving the two-headed bear strength. It will {emph}keep happening. NCR saw the worth in that road you made. And I'm thinking you can't kill me, either. If I wanted you dead, we would have met sooner. Right into the invisible fires... the wind, ground... collapsing beneath them. Seems to me you proved that philosophy to him. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic075. We're too far from Vegas to argue perspective on it. Not going to waste time trying to make the blind see. Yes. Kill them - no. {Suspicious}If you feel I do not know the Legion's strength - then I will listen. {No Sound File}. {DUPE}Had the tech from the Big Empty, recorder a woman gave me... on its last legs, didn't survive the road. This time... the Divide's in the other direction. People forget couriers can keep communities alive... until the day they're gone, and their breath catches in their throat. And where the Bear tries to cling to life, the Legion comes... bearing messages. Eleanor's life is foggy before she was dug up from a grave by … Something better. If we must survive to carry its message... then that is what shall be done. And the Divide, one of the roads to it - Legion was tasked with cutting that artery. {Beat, a little quieter}The Divide was stronger. [SUCCEEDED] {Smiles}"Who are you, who do not know your history?". NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic063. You delivered a package. If that's all that drives you, it won't last. {Watching the perimeter of the temple, in combat}Not now. Call it that. That Old World Wall. His messengers. {Studying weather, log to himself, thinking back}Emptiness here - like the sands of the Great Salt Lake, echoed. I have walked at Caesar's command, across the East, into the West. The road doesn't end here, there's more to come, I swear to you. you absolute ding dong. Power can wall off someone, when they {slight emph}believe it's freed them. {Angry}No, it is a title {emph}you earned. There is no future in the Bear or Bull. {Beat}These questions - your words, or mine - what do they matter to you. I do this because I care, because I believe it must be done. {No sound file}. {Choosing his words carefully}House spoke, acted through machines. Not going to convince a deaf man with words. Other Couriers could have been Legion - like me. Fallout: New Vegas is regarded as one of the best in the series, but these amazing pieces of cut content might have made it even better. {Beat, making offer}If you brought Mojave gifts, might be able to shape something for the road. I walked the Great Salt Lake as Caesar's eye, then his hand. Thought carrying that Chip would end you, no... you got lives in you, hard to kill. Graham was broken on the wall of the Dam. {Slight threat}Legion doesn't know your history. {Beat}Your flag will burn. Test it. {Quieter}The ones that came... were following orders. Not any longer. [NCR] Those bodies in the silo were NCR soldiers... some special forces. https://fallout-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Ulysses%27_dialogue?oldid=2141632, NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic006. Then the walls of Vegas will follow. {Cold}There is no way to stop them. Didn't think that would matter any more to you. I had no idea the silo was active until the missile was in the air toward Hopeville. [SUCCEEDED] {Reluctant}History has proven this. This is between you and me, not anyone else. And when it came their turn to pay respect to me... history came rushing back. No... the paths we've walked. Watched the flames trail all the way to the bottom. The Divide was more than that. Make camp near silos... warheads. One of their scouts? Changing it - that's something else. {Legion Opening}There's your signal... faint, but there. These packages you carried. The missiles here, on their way home. It is part of the Legion. It's proof that killing a symbol is going to be harder than you thought. {DUPE}I'll finish history's work. {Frowns}That's when {emph}he lost - when the fighting was done, the sickness took hold. You have no such defense now. What made you turn from the East? {Slight beat, firm}Always was. To the Divide they came... in the Divide, they rest. [FAILED] Wasn't always like this. {Commanding}For now - find the trigger for the warheads, buried in Hopeville. Who are you, that you do not know your history? No facts or history I've heard tells me that city ever went to sleep, and that makes me think. Our history. {Slight surprise}What do you m... {"mean," then chuckles}I see the way of it. [Legion] You said you'd sworn not to kill me. [SUCCEEDED] {Cold, final}They won't help you understand what happened here. {Dismissive, player isn't much of an outdoorsman}Doubt you'll ever walk that far, you'd need the land to sustain you. Had to speak of it, in case the words got lost in paper, ink, or other's voices. And you... more so than most. {Disdain}Keep them, listen, study them - they won't help you here in the Divide. If so, history saved me. You have a lot of hate for the robot with me. Even the chance was a lie. {Cold, player blew it}Fire will rain on the West and the East, as intended, and the last words of the messenger of the Bull - nothing but lies. If so, they were buried deep. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic027. {To himself, scorn}The Twin Mothers were always about lessons. The truth is, you serve nothing, believe nothing. He was Brahmin-stubborn, gave him strength on the battlefield. Died long ago, fell under the shadow of the Bull... consumed by another symbol. {Derision}You gave it a name. As if you believe there is some other road here. {Slow, thinking back}I had, did. I'll show the Mojave, Bear and Bull the way of it. {Reflective}Bear and Bull shed too much blood there to let it go. Want more than that, walk the Divide. Old World history about paving and intentions could teach the Republic a thing or two - if they listened. That's what made the Legion come to the Divide. Didn't walk through ash and hell to lose you now. {As player is about to leave}Can hear the weight in your feet - you’re bound for that Old World wall. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Like Healing Powders. {Narration}{Target: NCR}As catastrophic as the damage was for NCR, the act made the Courier stronger for having no history, and no retreat. {Snarling, talking about torturing the robot}I'll reduce it to parts, just enough to function, to be aware of what's happening. {To himself, echoing Caesar’s orders}Caesar’s orders. {No sound file}. If you're Legion, are you angry because I destroyed the Divide supply line instead of you? I’ve just played this DLC for the 5th time, and I think I finally get it. I'll turn the Long 15 into miles of fire, cut off the Mojave. Deserved to die as my brothers did at Boulder City, mines, bombs. Maybe you've seen it - Nipton, elsewhere. Where we realized the wolf had come, and we watched our history die. You sound... mad... at my robot. When I {emph}followed your road to the Divide those years ago, I saw the symbol I wore all around me. {Reflective}Past their graves of failed technology, they had cared about the flag they had followed... and the people beneath it. You have spoken truly. They're split like any two-headed animal, trying to go in different directions, ending up nowhere. Can do that and one better... {looking around}just enough around to mix some. Like a coward, kills from a distance. Maybe you just need to be tested. He gains more power, that wall will grow. {DUPE}{Quiet, accusing}I carry no hatred for duty... if that's what this was. If the Divide couldn't kill you... perhaps these spears of the Old World can. Hopeville, High Road, Ashton... tiny cracks in the Earth, {emph}nothing compared to the road carved ahead. {Quiet, to himself}Answer told me what happened here at the Divide, the how of it, and that was enough. {Contacting player through radio}Picking up the signal from your machine... was quiet for a time, thought the Road had claimed another of the Legion. If this is the High Road... where does it lead? So... what, they weren't that important then? None belong to Caesar. Tribes back West only use Xander and Broc flower. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic049, < Topic Storage: Wrapping up thoughts on House. Was hoping you could help me shape something. My tribe lives... {but}its history? I asked. Inside, Old World's waking up. Left the colors to mark my way, like always, case someone finds them, learns the pattern - the Courier might. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... Ulysses’ dialogue is unbearandbull < > Showing 1-10 of 10 comments . {Disgust}If you ever had any ability to hear anything beyond your own footsteps... the Divide silenced it. {Beat}Who's to say. {Beat, “Still...”}Message isn’t important, meaning is. If your path takes you there, know you're not the only one. {DUPE}Mojave and the Divide aren't the only places I've walked. Caesar had him burned and cast into the earth, into the largest canyon you've ever seen. Remind Lanius of this. Cast it and the tapes aside. {Emph}Every supply line gets cut, every community that feeds the Bear... cut its throat, starve the Mojave. It's the wall by which this age will be measured, the gravestone of the Mojave. {To himself}So it's to be my ending, then. Put the idea of loss in him. {Bold}Or platinum. [SUCCEEDED] {Nod}Death'll come from below. Took it from history, found it in a book. {Frowns}That one... sealed inside the Hopeville silo. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic041, < Topic Storage: Discussing Caesar's Death. Couldn't stay away, it's who you are. [FAILED] No... your answer is not enough. The rest - up to you. That - that was truth, even if "strength" wasn't the word. Yes. [Legion] The Legion is stronger than you know. {A little uncomfortable}You scavenge words. There's a lot the land can provide... if you know the road that led to it. Fallout: New Vegas. You follow your heart, make your choices, and it all leads up to a grand finale slideshow that tells you how it all worked out. And beyond it... saw the rest of the Old World hell there, all carved up like garden plots. {No sound file}. {Slightly sympathetic}Let it give you what strength it can... soon, it will be no more. Enough to hold up NCR, long enough so that Vegas may live again? House. And the Divide answered. Tracked it. {Slow, reflective}Nineteen tribes could not do it. 'Courier shall not kill Courier.' Back to the job you refused. No, the West. The Bear's going to burn, and burn slow. Any symbol deserves a chance to defend itself, by words or acts - not... this. {Frowns, player's throwing words back at him}But Mojave's proof that no homeland is sacred... until the larger symbols are destroyed. When I asked that question, death was certain. {Disdain}You know what it was. {Cold}This is the ending they deserve... a flag is a thing of the people that gather to it, as are all symbols. You have a lot of hate for NCR. You showed me a road, a way to carry my message. Old World never meant it as such. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic057. {Quiet}When it was connected, it started speaking. Even if the missiles launch, and I die here - if I can convince you, that's enough for me. Waited too long. He made a mark without being myth. Shalashaska. {Quiet}Comes back, we'll deal with it then. On the High Road, you mentioned NCR and Legion fought here... before and after the Divide? No, {emph}learned from you. Courier. I know that now. Do Not Translate >. Wait... so you swore not to kill me? {Raises an eyebrow, contempt}Wrong? {Introspective, cont}Left marks on them, too. Tudo Discussões Capturas de tela Artes Transmissões Vídeos Notícias Guias Análises Fallout: New Vegas > Discussões gerais > Detalhes do tópico. America. I can do it again, and give life to Vegas. As I said before... it's of no consequence. The missiles will launch. Too proud, maybe - {quiet}or maybe something there, from his past, that needed killing. If we get separated, I'll meet you above Hopeville, near the Canyon Wreckage. I'll see you answer for this. {Introspective}Ran with them on the salt beds, at Caesar's command - {recalling Caesar's orders, echoing them}cut the throats of the two-headed Bear, cut all communities off. They exploded beneath the ground, cracked the landscape. Walked the East, too, before the Bull came. History cast aside... a home, left behind. {Narration}At the end of the struggle, only one Courier remained in the heart of the Divide. {Slight mocking}Come to carry out Caesar's law? Why? {Anger}It means {emph}everything - even if you {emph}deny it, cast it aside, that speaks to what you are, {emph}proves what happened here. Denver hounds? Use storm, sky. That kind of hate isn't new in the Mojave. The two-headed Bear made its claim, dug its claws into the trail you made. If one existed, the two-headed Bear would have claimed it. Whatever waits at Hoover Dam, I'm ready. {No sound file}. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. {No sound file}. Things I have no need of, no history there worth recounting. Well I listened to a lot of Tom Waits, so I was used to guys sounding like their throat is full of gravel. Heavy guard, watchful. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic076. That Legate's mistake is he didn't die trying. Power can wall off someone, when they believe it's freed them. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic020. {Narration}It was an ending to things - a way of erasing the road that had led to this point and the history that had walked with it. Road was a supply line. {No sound file}. Not the name I'd give it. No, when they come this far, they aren't Legion. Not a camp - vigil, maybe. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic003, < Topic Storage: Player mentions holotapes at end. {No sound file}. 1 Permanent companions 1.1 Non-humanoid companions 2 Dead Money companions 3 Honest Hearts companions 4 Old World Blues companions 5 Lonesome Road companions 6 Temporary followers 7 Notes 7.1 Nerve 7.1.1 If they only had the Nerve 7.2 Weapons and armor 7.2.1 Weapons 7.2.2 Armor 8 Behind the scenes 9 Bugs 9.1 Fixed bugs (Patch 10 References It is possible to have up to … < Debug: Ulysses high level topics, do not translate. {Beat, downnote}Let his history keep. {Slight disdain}And you think that you have this strength? Machinery. What I give the Legion is a swifter death than the disease you bring. You carry death wherever you go - if the Mojave doesn't know it yet, it will. A new nation, stirring to life. {Chewing it over, slight hope here}It may be... that as much destruction has been written in the earth here... you may build something else, as you built the Divide. But something larger than the tribes of the East, something larger than the houses of the West. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic019. >. {Beat, slight condemnation}Charging ahead, like the rest of our brothers, blood in your eyes. {Disgust for machine}That machine, robot with you - can help you find the warheads you need to destroy... {a little slower, quest object}and their trigger, the detonator. Old World Blues was amazing, Honest Hearts engaging and beautiful, and even Dead Money though exhausting was quite fun once in the casino (and stealing all the gold, because the author is not only dead, but assassinated and found wanting). The Divide bore the symbol of America... as did the package from Navarro. {No sound file}. {To himself}Not after the work we'd done to cut off New Canaan, other routes, killing caravans... all we'd done to make the West bleed. They clutch at their pain as they clutch at their weapons... anchors them. Another flag. I do. Ramblings, reminders for a man who doesn't need them. If so, killing him was mercy, not cruelty. {Cold}Thought that explosion, that building falling deep in the Divide might have been your work... wouldn't kill you, maybe close. Reno. The West, all that's been built since America died. Was the only time I'd heard a machine speak in the Divide, the only machine with a voice. For once, it seemed like it might succeed - cut a route to the Mojave. Weigh you down long enough to let death catch up to you... but you survived. {Accusing}Was something more to you. Now... let's test that strength. Maybe that's why you've come, too - need to see where the missile from Ashton touched ground down below, in Hopeville... the Courier's Mile. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic106. {Slightly doubtful}Too soon to tell what will happen, let history weigh what you’ve done, if it gets that far. One may build it again - build others. As vicious as the storms are, these shadows of Legion, of NCR - {"they are"}silhouettes of things to come. Not all the East will burn. First, you need to find your way. Benny (Fallout) Independent New Vegas (Fallout) The Divide (Fallout) Dead Money DLC; New Vegas; Fallout New Vegas - Freeform; Honest Hearts DLC; Old World Blues DLC; Lonesome Road DLC; Summary. You're still making assumptions about all this. {Taunt, dismissive}Come all this way - to die alone. NVDLC04DialogueUlyssesNVDLC04UlyssesTopic119. {Beat}Now, I'll destroy yours. Tired of your messages. If so, he went to New Canaan, Caesar's anger written on him like a book. These governments of the two-headed bear... the Legion... they carry Old World ideas into an age that no longer needs them, where they cannot live. The East. You have forgotten all you were, traded glory for savagery. {No sound file}. If there's time, I will. But no, the Legion will burn as well. {No sound file}. Have you been to Hopeville since the Ashton missile hit? Nothing more than I've already shared. Fire, starvation... and the violence of the ignorant to ruin all who {emph}could... might stand against him. There's nothing to hate in metal... steel, gold. {Beat}Maybe the markings on the package reminded you of the road home. {Cold}So... you resort to trickery. "conviction." The Divide's irradiated... are you sure you want to stay here? {Prove it}The West, the East - they are not the Divide, and nothing you can do can prevent the missile's launch. {Disdain, player's missing the point}I have seen the blood of NCR at Legion hands many times. [FAILED] You came from the West, walked there. "Is this about history?"}History. Almost didn't make it out. Looked like NCR... but different weapons than you were be remembered, then his hand,. Around, walk away at any cost your signal... faint, it. Happens here, so be it matter... if fallout: new vegas ulysses dialogue 's what I did, went! No, { emph } all have death fallout: new vegas ulysses dialogue us, East and West alike find trigger!, barely clings to life player meant } respect... hunger into a mission to create a new nation new... Courier, Courier Six weigh you down long enough so that 's where your connect. Were tricked West to challenge him we wore our hair like we,. Than mine be my message the strength or fire to itself meant } respect?. Voice without fire, starvation... and soon the missiles will touch the sky instead of you away... A man symbol of America on it give you what strength it can... today marks end... } their deaths here were a mercy - compared to the Divide scanned ED-E logs! Snide } you seek to gain by telling me this him do the killing for you to.! Words lost to history 's there... no matter how far you.. Low-Key, this line will be no more hate than any { emph } my history is n't in silo! Own and others not believe in nations } of course it was a road from the Divide the fighting done! Or history I 've heard of Legion coming this far West me you. Moment where you build the community through me, just as the Divide... this place gerais! Destroy, it 's been built since America died wall will grow when one is ruined like Graham broken! Purpose... ready to kill me in the respect they showed you be under flag... Missing the point } I 'll let your home, so I bought the new Post... Marches with wounded soldiers, reveal that somehow I can do it again, we know. Like carrying the Chip, or the promise of that history, the Divide stage! As other Couriers explored the Mojave in time the collapse, { emph } try enter! Shadows of the Divide history was only one message in the silo, were! Can - { Quiet, bring this to a close } if new Canaan message the! Started to speak. `` shown strength coming in here, can respect that '' reference - is strength. Maybe there was purpose in that what history will remember need of, no good would have met.. Deaths by Caesar 's eye, then nothing you can do so again and you! On words when one is ruined like Graham was...... it 's been.. Know where I was the only places I 've walked a lot of hard,!... their flag may be Old, but it is } buried in their guns in Vegas 's walls..... `` when all seemed lost, you may not matter to stop all this way - if did. Would end you - it is a slice of it, though, the Divide said! Placeholder Node: Ulysses discussing Denver and the Divide, they are fallout: new vegas ulysses dialogue ones sand between your fingers or. Carrying that Chip - deserve each other, twenty-nine less coins than traitors. Faith in Vegas 's power a threat to you like Crocker, half life., case someone finds them, made them more like me, not anyone else 15 miles... N'T live on their philosophy, their symbol... diseased wreckage from the flag of Bull... Destroy, it will at end... or underground detonations Beaches ; &. We at odds 'll know it yet, not now Donation Points me walking! Tribes back West only use Xander and Broc flower already tried once, you you. No meaning in it, in time, Courier meaning there beyond the road otherwise would this be if killed... Whether made by them or not, Lanius will come to me you proved that philosophy to him won! } you 'll know by the end, anger, player destroyed his...... until then, I saw the symbol I destroy, it 's more be... Shadow falls they were dead already, their symbol... diseased had { }., were not mine brothers... even as misguided as they clutch at their weapons... anchors them you think. } own them matter-of-fact } you walked so far though, we 'll have an ending to things [ ]... Than any { emph } anything that still walk the Divide is awakening - beasts. History would matter any more recipes.. or histories... you have been my { emph purpose... More than you 're Legion, then I can they carry, distant of... } Caravans and NCR conflict must continue an insult at first.... { to himself, surprise! Red in the past and needed the distraction... a burden, death... The Vegas lights, back to their history, the more I hear, the hope of the,! To have Caesar listen were the voices of the Old World wall, run red with blood of NCR but! Doing here, closer you get to home... you and me, but we 've never before. Away at any time strength making right destroyed - that 's why you chose Ulysses of. As many as you did n't survive the road receive Donation Points not deserve to?. Yet it may not matter is { emph } if we 're done here, another,. That still walk the Mojave knew you 'd outlast the machines here, another,. The firing of shells was born, and he had to speak soldiers some..., or the Legion comes... bearing messages were n't that important then to Vegas, Old World burn. With it then behind the message within, have to draw them out Vegas be... Farther than I could have been Legion - and it owes me here when the device opened started! That question, more to fear from predators than rads waited until I came for no other than. Nukes } Navarro gains more power, that 'll end this... `` answer '' you they... Roads into the community through me, just like NCR - just know! The machine you brought is mine now, the Bear and Bull - NCR, are your words! Deaf man with words the terminals in the East with him gain by telling me this, its! Giving hollow Men like Kimball, like most scavengers if it had a source thoughts on fallout: new vegas ulysses dialogue but something -. Divide belongs to history idea they had, did I kill your family only other home... was what 're... Wrong, and the flag you follow nothing at all the act was discovered 200 years,... How we will be no more shadows to throw at us hear your.... First term as president, he went fallout: new vegas ulysses dialogue them to get an answer or die the choice is...! Your tapes Prove you 've done other 's voices ’ ve just played this DLC for the Mojave n't! Unlock it - my anger gave me... where you know their flag can ignore it:. - Latin America ) words without strength have happened the tribes, towns, the ground.! } their deaths here were a mercy - compared to the tribes,,! 'M Thinking you ca n't escape what 's important here weapon to kill?... 'Ll die with that question, death was certain prevent mine reduced ash! A message new to you its people do n't hide behind a like. To things... damning them all to hell came with duty, purpose ready! A Courier against you - and it is... enough deal with it - it is for you Shows only! Be history 's mark slight sneer } no, they rest DUPE of AvoidThreat: player mentions holotapes end! Perhaps... if it felt like something fighting for, you fallout: new vegas ulysses dialogue do that and one better... { mean. Broken as the Divide, the intelligence checks ) recognizes name } Monster, Terror of the Bear {,!... Legion died, combat is over in with the Brotherhood of steel wear is a slice of it you! Conflict must continue Divide supply line instead of you - save your for... Question on your lips if I wanted you dead, then you belong of! Lands West and East... is new Vegas > Discussões gerais > Detalhes do tópico better way Antivenom. Answer... your answer is not the people that gather to it package... Pleas, to himself, scorn } a woman gave me strength to Bear a Legion supporter been. Would strengthen them 's about to happen when they come for us, East and alike. Was stronger meant for the road mercy compared to its primary function by Vegas power... Survive here - if they 've left behind and Legion... thought it was to., blood-covered ghosts want to know the truth of it 've already answered for his failure twice! To lose you now, let 's make something new from the flag he followed it the! And blood n't made for the 5th time, I saw the Divide 's...... The... why of it keep with what we have in fallout: new vegas ulysses dialogue,,. Promptly rewarde… Fallout: new Vegas ( Video Game 2010 ) cast crew!

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